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..ещё чего)..сдачу вот не всегда забираю)
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In short, 1990, with Sanya Dragon and Dima Rosen, I illegally sell vodka in the center of Moscow, and specifically in the Russian Wines store. The territory of the Lyubertsy lads, one of the strong orginized crime gang (their base is in the "Cosmos cafe" near), and we pay'em monthly 500 soviet rubles per outlet (analog of $ 5.000 today).
And once Alex The Red, Lyubertsy tribute collector of money of theirs (such a short kid), in front of me, at mine sight, him take the cops from Petrovka,38 (Head office of the Moscow Criminal Police), twist the fins hard, stuff him into the unidencifided car (right in the middle of Tverskaya Str. in the afternoon).
And at the same time, “Makarov” falls out of his pants from behind, but no one notices this, except for me.
In general, they leave, and I carefully take this gun by the rim, put it in a plastic bag, warn the mine parthner Dragon, and left for home, by the taxi.
Three days later, Alex The Red of Lyubertsy comes out of the prison on Petrovka Str, and I ask him - did you lose anything when you were arrested?
He says - what?
I told him - well, perhaps can you take it back? I picked it up and I don't need it.
I meaned this Makarov 9 mm.

As a result, after that I did not pay for a place for a month, and The Red began to treat me in a friendly way.
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Я на своей..
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Какой кошмар, всюду раздевают!!!
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Я наличными плачу: сдачу им оставляю (10-20 рублей)
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Нет, не оставляю, я просто с собой вожу чай в термосе и стакан одноразовый))