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Wonna go to the mountains? Read this!

Hello everyone, my dears! Greetings to everyone who reads my blog today.
I wanted to write for a very long time, but all the time there was no opportunity. And I want to say a lot. Today we will talk about walkie-talkies. Not everyone probably knows that in addition to a cell phone in the modern world, devices such as two-way radio stations still function. They're actually very useful and work great where a cell phone can't. For example, this applies to walkie-talkies for snowboarding https://lookforword.net/walkie-talkies/walkie-talk... - when the snowboarder is in the mountains and there is no cellular signal there. Or he needs to promptly contact his comrades, without waiting for the phone to dial the number, the beeps will end and the comrade will finally pick up the phone. Also, can you five of us talk on the phone? Agree, this is difficult. And by radio, you can easily contact everyone who is tuned to the same wavelength and is on the same channel as you. It is very convenient.
So, let's figure out how to work with a walkie-talkie?
If this is your first time picking up a radio set, you may notice that they have antennas. Cheap walkie-talkies tend to have these antennas short and thick and are fixed to the walkie-talkie. They cannot be unscrewed and exchanged for others. These are classic walkie-talkies, such models you can find, for example, at Motorolla. As a rule, such walkie-talkies can only work in one range - the one that is allowed for free use in the local region. For America, this is the FRS band, for Europe - LPD or PMR, depending on the country. So, buying such walkie-talkies, you don't have to worry about the legality of use.
Further, the walkie-talkies may have a screen where various useful data are indicated. For example, the channel you are talking on, frequency, volume, battery level.
Also, the walkie-talkies of the more expensive segment have a keyboard. It is designed to enter the frequency if the radio has a choice of frequencies. This is no longer a classic walkie-talkie, but a more complex model.
At the top, near the antenna, there may be two knobs. One is responsible for adjusting the volume level, and the other switches channels if there is no keyboard in the radio. In order to switch to the channel of the interlocutor, ask him which channel he is sitting on and install the same one for yourself.
Press the PTT button to start sending the message. This is the largest button on the side of the radio, you definitely won't miss it. Speak while holding the button. When you're done speaking, release her. You can receive incoming messages only when the send button is released. Do not take too long, because you are not alone there. Send only important messages, do not take air time from other participants. After all, they may need it more than you. If you are interested in this information, you may also be interested in reading more detailed articles on walkie-talkies, for example this.
An acquaintance of mine says that walkie-talkies are much better than cell phones when you're on the slope. I think he knows what he's talking about! He shared with me a couple of tips on how to choose a good walkie-talkie for snowboarding. So, write it down! The radio should be:
•With large buttons
•With the ability to receive incoming messages by voice (VOX function)
•It must have a good battery - you are unlikely to find an outlet in the mountains!
•It must be well assembled.
Don't trust unpopular firms. If you do not understand the walkie-talkies, trust the choice of the majority. Choose walkie-talkies from well-known brands: Hayter, Motorola.
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